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Leone Coffee was launched to provide the choice of good quality coffee at affordable prices to the community. Leone also means Lion, being in the Lion City, we aim to curate coffee with a taste of home, to symbolise Singapore, for people to enjoy, at home or even when they are out working, not just Singaporeans, but foreigners who are working in Singapore, and even back to their hometown for their families to enjoy the taste of Singapore.

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OtarieVille Coffee was launched for the overseas market. OtarieVille also means Sealion, which has the meaning of bringing “the lion out to the sea”, symbolising us bringing our coffee from Singapore out to the world. OtarieVille brings our very traditional coffee out to the world, for foreigners to have a taste of our Asian coffee.

Authentic Hainanese bento sets with a taste of home, without breaking your bank. Benjamin, the in charge of the food stall, happens to be bald, and so happens to be our director, hence the name came about. Botak Ben Kitchen aims to bring local Hainanese cuisine to everyone, ensuring that it is budget-friendly, without compromising on the quality of ingredients and authenticity of the food.

Laiky Pte Ltd (黎集缘食品私人有限公司) started with the vision of dishing home cooked food in MINUTES using ready to eat pastes. Hence, our co-founder, Mr Khoo who makes authentic Penang pastes produced from the freshest ingredients came up with the idea of ready to eat pastes and most IMPORTANTLY, there must be NO preservatives. Thousands of customers have enjoyed cooking with his ready to eat pastes and dishing up authentic Penang cuisines in minutes at the comfort of their own home.

Laiky, incorporated in 2015 was given exclusive rights to the pastes and our mission statement is to constantly INNOVATE and DELIGHT our customers.