About Us


To be a worldwide recognised import-export company that brings quality products to our clients. 


To be a reliable and dynamic player in the market without compromising on our values and business ethics.


  • Providing quality food and beverages to everyone 

  • Creating our unique culture and sense of belongingness 

  • Delivering our promises and doing our best to exceed expectations

  • Connecting with trust, respect and passion

 The U-Group Story

U Group Holdings Pte Ltd which was established in April 2019 and has launched several instant beverages since October 2019. Although U Group Holdings is a for-profit organization initiated by the Heartwarmers Volunteers, its objectives are to create job opportunities for its young volunteers, and to keep the volunteering spirit alive among the younger generation. We also hope to be the benchmark for other corporations, regardless of scale and size, to similarly do their part and contribute back to society.

It all started when our founder, Mr Foo Say Thye, felt that coffee prices in Singapore were surging up high, and with his involvement in charity work and various projects started by him, he began exploring to start up a 3 in 1 coffee business, to bring coffee prices down, without compromising on its quality, and at the same time, provide opportunities for the young volunteers to venture and create a business on their own. We started sourcing in different states of Malaysia and even China, and eventually settled on the manufacturer in Malacca, after many rounds of sampling and taste adjustment. Bringing in the brand, Leone Coffee, Leone also mean Lion, being in the Lion City, we aim to curate coffee with a taste of home, to symbolize Singapore, for people to enjoy, at home or even when they are out working, not just Singaporeans, but foreigners who are working in Singapore, and even back to their hometown for their families to enjoy the taste of Singapore. To date, our coffee can also be found in China and Uzbekistan. 

Today, U-Group Holdings Pte Ltd is an international trading company dealing with import and export mainly in Asia. We provide import and export services based on our client’s needs. Our team provides customized services to support our customer shipment to and fro destination and ensure the best after-sale service to our clients, as we strongly believe in the importance of building good rapport and friendship with both our suppliers and customers.